Because Radio Gets Results



McKee S & T would love to express "Thank You", very much. We are a young and family-owned business. The radio has expanded our business in wonderful ways and has helped reach people whom do not read the newspaper in our county as well as surrounding areas. In fact, it has been the best decision in advertising our young store has made. Thank you so much for helping us grow.

McKee S & T 
Dottie Johnson & Brad Minter,  July 3, 2017


Eastern Kentucky C.E.P., Inc.

January 8, 2018,   2:19 PM
To   Sherry Brockman

Hi Sherry,
I hope all is well your way. 
I just need to update you on this schedule of ads we're currently airing on WWAG to promote a medical coding training program for which we’re soliciting applications. 

Simply put, the response we’ve received from this promotion has far exceeded our expectations. In just about a week’s time, we’ve already received nearly 300 applications. I expect that number to exceed 300 by the end of today.

We honestly can’t thank you enough for your help on this promotion. I’m sure we’ll be contacting you again at some point if we can put together a second training session.  Please let me know that you received this, and if you have any questions at all and I’ll get back with you. 
Cris Ritchie
Marketing Communications Coordinator